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Maybe im just a hopeless romantic.....

Gray Fox

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I didn’t ask to be this way. My friends see me as cold, calculating and rational guy they can always come to for advice. Ive helped so much ppl, its so easy, their problems seem like nun compare to mind, so i gladly help them. I seem so strong on the outside but I’m truly a warm passionate, emotional and sensitive guy. I daydream about romantic moments that I’ll never be able to experience. All guys want is sex blah blah. Not me. I would love to just hold a beautiful girl next me to kiss her to feel her warmth to just rest my forehead on hers. Why can’t I act out and express my feelings when I’m sober. It’s like my intellect suppresses my feelings. Maybe I just wasn’t meant to be happy.


Right now im watching Taylor Swift music video love story, she so beautiful, even if u show this to my friends they would lol thinking it’s a joke.


u can guess im wasted....

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Hey there,


I can completely relate to you, I'm going through the exact same thing. Sometimes it feels like us romantics are paying the price for who we are and what we feel, but I think we are a credit to ourselves and should feel proud. There's nothing wrong with having and feeling and not treating girls like objects. I too daydream of romantic moments, quite abit actually. But as they say, if we didn't have any dreams, life would be rather pointless and we'd have nothing to aim for! Romantic things will happen for us when the time is right.

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I feel what your saying and at the same time kinda look at it how its even hard for someone to share the same feelings as you in a woman. I think to be honest some girls dream certain things but they dont seem to think that they will get it so they just accept that guys are they way they are told they are. I think some woman also have this idea that is how guys are supposed to act so when your different its makes it hard in regard to them as well because it can kinda mess up your sense of you being you and alot of people having a different point of view of what a guy is supposed to be like. Ive kinda read that what usually happens is it takes longer for someone that is sensitive or romantic to find someone but when they do its usually really good. I just wish i had more success stories to kinda relate to.


Sometimes i dont even like to try to be like a ladies man because it just seems to have such a bad kinda of way of seeing yourself be a better man because alot of girls like you. I also have to say some of the bad things is stuff like maybe being too idealized in who you are looking for. I think thats where it kinda changes from being a hopeless romantic to a hopefully romantic. Its just if anyone could really explain that change then i could definitely use the help because sometimes i dont really get it. Also the whole taylor swift thing i also think she is really beautiful but if you heard the whole thing about her break-up she said something about how she doesnt see it being wrong with saying bad things about your ex. I dont think its so wrong but it just shows that however the person looks on the outside that on the inside everyone has their bad sides.


I can also relate to the whole peoples problems seeming nothing compared to mine. I guess i wrote alot but this whole topic is just something that i have alot to get off my chest about. I hope that things can get better and maybe if you can let more of this side out of you then someone might come along with similar interests. You might also make some of your guy friends change their mind alittle bit if you are successful with attracting women with your romantic side. Its just that requires an open mind on their part.

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I don't think it has to do with intellect. It has to do with fear. Fear that your friends will think you're lame and not want to hang out anymore. Also, just the fear of losing your current friends.


However if you can put aside the fear and actually be true to yourself, you'll probably find that several of your friends feel the same way you do. Easy example: After you made your comment, several other guys replied saying they feel the same way.


I, personally, think the world would be a better place with more (openly) romantic guys.

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