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Kung Fuie and Bodily Health

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Ok! So latley (For some time now) I have a LOT of free time on my hands (All waking hours basically) as the current situation I am in doesn't really allow me to do anything productive. I wanna get fitter, in all honesty I don't want to do the running around town thing (1. It's COLD 2. I'm shy 3. Wouldn't get far anyways...), and I don't have the money or transportation to go to a Gym (Ways away) or buy equipment. Also the little store here (I dunno if anyone knows about ShurFine stores here in P.A. but so far everyone I have been to is terrible) has a terrible selection of foods (The vegetables and fruits are often there so long (Cus the people around here have no idea how to cook them) that they are all browning, yet not rotten) so we mostly eat quick an easy meals.


I wanna get healthier and feel better and look better, latley all I have been doing is sitting here in my room eating junk-food and doing stuff on my computer. Typical day is wake up, turn computer on, get food, do stuff on computer, get more food if hungry, do stuff on computer, get more food if hungry, take a bath to be clean (And because it's cold XP ), do stuff on computer, then sleep. Day after day after day after day...


I popped in a movie the other day (Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story), and decided to check him out. Then I found out about Jeet-Kun-Do, so ok that looks pretty cool! Also saw all the stuff he did as training and such. I realize it isin't instant, but you have to start sometime right? So I'd like to start soon (I'll be turning 21 on Jan 16th!).


I have little to no body strength, but I have a high metabolism, so gaining weight has always been hard. Also I know nothing of working out, and any advice would be most welcome (Just go about it like your explaining it to someone for the first time in their life (You are... really...)).


The most annoying thing about this is that despite the fact that I want it I really don't feel all that motivated, and thats another thing I hope to change about myself. Anyways, thank you all for your help!

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Bruh...First things first. You gotta change your eating habits. Junk food will only set you back from attaining your fitness goals (stick to whole grain foods, eat vegetables, fruit, and lean meats). You have to be active and get some form of exercise. If you want to lose fat you have to do cardio (running, jogging, biking, swimming) for at least 30 minutes, often..If you have no dough for a stationary bike or a treadmill and you also don't want to go outside, consider running in place within your house.


Stop by the library and try to do some research on fitness and possibly calisthenics.

Do pushups and situps...Stuff like that...that will be a decent start..


You can do it...

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I have no trouble at all LOOSING fat! Heh, I hardly have ANY! Hmmm... So maby I should take the time to jot down the things I like to eat and start coming up with some ideas for a "Diet"? Is there an opposite to a Diet? Or is a Diet an eating plan? I always thought it was to loose weight...

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JKD is awesome, I took Wing Chun less than a year but had a blast. You don't need to be in shape but you'll sweat a lot depending on what the school is teaching.


What I like about the class was that everyone was very friendly and respectful. You'll never get that anywhere else. A lot of sparring, we learned mostly practical Wing Chun so it was designed for all age groups & both male & female (was more effective for female as we dealt with close quarter situations).


Don't try to go into all the eating healthy and getting exercise at once. You'll get burnt out quickly. Adjust your food intake slowly, cut down on soda gradually, eat more vegetables, try to prepare your meal and as long as you're feeling & seeing yourself healthier it'll all fall into place It's not easy but it's all in your mind.


I wish there was Wing Chun class around here so I can go back. It was a great work out and met a lot of people. I did get to meet James Demille (student and friend of Bruce Lee) who looks like a typical old man but can do the infamous quarter inch punch like Bruce as well as his wife who was very down to earth and great person to talk to.

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