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Hello everyone at eNotAlone,


I suddenly had a great idea...( scary huh? )


Let's start the SuperDave 71 NO CONTACT CHALLENGE...



Here are the rules:



1. When you accept this challenge, post here and your time/date stamp will be recorded for accuracy.


2. No Contact will be initiated for ONE MONTH from the date that you post. This mean NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER...and I mean NONE. (Including going to picture sites and myspace/or like sites)


3. If you work with your ex, you can still accept the challenge. You cannot do ANYTHING to contact your ex UNLESS it is work related ONLY.


4. If you accept this challange, I would like a post everyday on how you are feeling and what you are doing to pass the time. I am hoping by doing this, others will read and try to help themselves is they have a moment of weakness.





No Contact is for you



5. If you have contact with your ex BY YOUR DOING..YOU MUST POST WHY YOU DID IT AND HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT AFTER. No exceptions.


6. If your ex contacts you, UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY, or there are children involved, you cannot respond. PERIOD. If you do, see rule 5.


7. If an ex comes over or tries to see you physically, this DOES NOT COUNT AGAINST YOU, BUT you MUST POST.


8. After the month of No Contact has past, you must reread all of yoru daily threads and write a conclusion based on what you felt when you started and how you feel 30 days later.


9. When you post daily, please put what day number you are on of the 30 day challenge so that other members can see how you are doing.






SuperDave71 has permission to duct tape any breaker of NC to a chair and throw broken twinkies at your head.









If ANYONE out there can come up with more rules, PLEASE PM me so I can update them. I will be happy to listen.



I would like for this to happen because I want other to read the progression involved in the NO CONTACT process.



If you do NOT feel you are up to the challange, ...wait until you are.



I wish you all the best....and GOOD LUCK.



If you accept my challenge, you will be very surprised at the end result.




Your friend,




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