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Actions made by ex, what do they mean?

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I know I should hardly care, but I wished to know what some people here thought....


My ex gf and I had been dating 4 months, she moves accross country, I plan to move to be with her, things end up going sour because she felt I could not give her what she wanted (affection/love/how to treat a woman)----although I had made her candlelit dinners, random lovey texts, I drove to see her 90% time, she was just stuck on my monotone voice which she heavily criticized.




I call her up the day after she sends me a long email explaining her thoughts....thoughts dealing with her feeling like I should NOT try to move, relationships shouldn't be this hard, etc etc, and I tell her its over.


Day 1: She becomes single on FB

Day 2: Untags off all her photos of me and her except one

Day 5 Untags last remaining photo of me

Day 16 Deletes me as a friend on FB and M--Space


Thoughts on this progression of gradual distancing? I have not heard one peep from her since this, besides these indirect things that happened.

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Sounds like it's over and she's moving on.


It's probably better in the long run. After being with someone for such a short period of time, moving accross country is a huge comitment. And I assume you would live together there right? Even though you probably don't now. That's a whole lot to put on a new relationship anyway.


There was just too much going against you two.....

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I just wished to know why she waited 16 days before deleting me as a friend. I did forget to add that she also deleted 8 of my best friends (whom she became temporary friends with) from FB. Is it cuz she can't stand seeing/hearing about me? Or that she doesn't want me finding out anything about her? I'm feeling pretty good about the breakup, by far my easiest one. I would not mind being her friend, but it APPEARS she is more shaken up than me. She is in a new town, knows no one, has no friends.



I also noticed the guy she dated for 6 years before we dated became friends with her. That made me feel pretty crappy, seeing as how she said over and over again how much he treated her like garbage, but lived with him and helped raise his kids.


Guess im just venting a bit

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Some people need a proper cooling off before becoming friends. In order to be friends, you have cut off all contact and memories of that person. It sucks to be on the receiving end but don't take it personally.


I'm not saying you two will be friends. I and you will not know the future. I'm sure she doesn't either. It's a process but one that is absolutely necessary.

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A week after my ex broke up with me, I sent him a FB message telling him that I needed to delete him from my fb friend list, at least temporarily. About a month later, after no contact, we became friendly again and I added him back. At this time, he said it had hurt his feelings when I deleted him before. I had to then explain to him that it had been hard seeing his profile and status messages when we were in that post breakup limbo state.

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