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She smokes what??


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Yes, I agree everything that's not done in moderation is not really that healthy.



I must admit I am one of those anti-drugs persons.

I've never tried smoking weed, I never even smoked cigarettes and the most interesting thing I never got drunk to the extent of feeling sick/not knowing where I am/doing stupid things.

I allow myself to drink a glass of wine or 2-3 vodkas and that's it. That's the amount that makes me happy but doesn't result in feeling down with a wish to take more.

So from my own perspective I just can't tolerate smoking pot when it comes to my SO.

I would even have a problem with a regular smoker.

Or a person who gets drunk on parties.


It all comes down to personal preferences.

I am not trying to say I judge people who occasionally take pot.

Heck I wouldn't even judge someone who smokes it on every day basis.

But when it comes to finding a partner I prefer someone who has the same viewpoint as i do.

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But E is a totally different thing it destroys your brain and leaves gaping holes in it.



Also, if it is one of your personal values not to associate with anyone who has taken drugs, then so be it - find someone else.


The fact she's experimented with drugs does not make her a bad person though - stop talking about it as if it's some sort of hugely tragic, fatal flaw in her character.

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