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Just need some really good advice!


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unfortunately from my last break up for the past 3 months i have been in depression and it only seemed to get worse. Broke up at the end of May after a 2 year relationship by the end of June he had a new gf which i did not know about. I thought we were working things out from july to august but by the time august came it was confirmed he was seeing someone else. we still communicated on a reg basis....still said i love u's saw each other about twice a week. Ive tried NC about 3 times but it always ended with him callin or him coming up to my job. Now i just recently found out him and this girl a are bit more serious than he claimed. He continues to tell me maybe this is happening for a reason ....so we can be stronger together in the future. I just need help on how to cope with all of this....im not sleeping well, eating, school is not going right, chest is burning recently got put on zoloft....i just am so afraid that all the plans we had as far as moving in, having a baby, and what not are going to get taken away from me. I love him soo much... tomorrow we are supposed to have a "final" talk for me to get everything off my chest...but i just need some advice/coping methods....

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This relationship is not going to work. You are going to need to face that.


How can you have any trust given what he is doing? He has rationalized this out in some weird way saying this will make things stronger but that is just nuts to be honest. Run, don't walk, away. Let him know you are ending this, and need to be out of contact for the foreseeable future.

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