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As you probably know im at the police academy and there is a girl here im interested in, who i started speaking to. I havent seen her properly since then, only passing by. So i still havent got her name. I even finished my dinner early one night so we could “coincidentally” be in line to put our plates back at the same time. We spoke for like 1 minute because it was busy, and i still dint have a chance to get her name. So its obvious to me the oppurtunity isnt just going to fall into place, i do see her passing and sometimes i say hi, sometimes not (so she dusnt think im too interested) . So im thinking of sitting at a table with her at lunch, next time i see her. She has mainly guy friends. I was gonna do it today but i wanted to see what you all thought.


I mean do you think its weird or stalkerish if i just sit down at a table of people i dont know and start talking with them. What would be the best approach for this??


Btw if ure completley lost here is my last post


Any advice would be great

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