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Tricky situation, how should I do it.


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So there's this woman in the building I work in that I've done several projects with and just sorta started having a thing for her. She's older than me so I didn't give it much thought, but lately I've been attracted to her. This time around I looked for some signs of being married, kids etc. She's not married (or at least doesn't wear her ring then) but has kids and their pictures plastered all over her cube. Made me wonder.


But how do I go about talking to her in a more un-businesslike subject. I know the whole dating a co-worker or whatever is sorta taboo subject, but she's just in the building, don't really work with her just happen to have helped with some stuff. I dunno if I should drop her an email, maybe not at the work one. Or try to catch her after work, look her up in the directory and whatnot.


Ah soo tricky, just dunno what to do. How would you guys go about this w/o letting the whole building know and whatnot? ...maybe I'm shooting for the moon here but it's worth a try.

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Well, how about when leaving work both of you 'coinsidently lol ' walk outside together, and you ask her a simple question of some sort to get a convo going , i wouldn't want the other people in the office to know too fast that something would be going on between you two , but maby you can drop a hint here and there for her. Maby coinsidently walk by and ask her if she wants something to drink. hmmmmm

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