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Hello all,

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. 30 years young! As you might have seen from my previous posts, I have been having (like most of you) an awful time after breaking up with my girlfriend. She has been seeing her ex before me. I am hoping that she will call me tomorrow or leave me a card. I left her a very nice one for her birthday in December. If I get a call, how do I act? She has called a few times and we spoke for 2 hours on New year's Eve even though I knew she had plans with him. I saw her New Year's Day for a few minutes and we hugged and held on to each other for a moment but after that, no contact. I have been VERY strict about not contacting her, she has done all of the calling. Any advice???

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Well it depends on what you are looking for out of the relationship. If you are looking to get her back, it is important that you don't act that way, as she will probably be pushed further away as a result.


Try not to act nervous, just be casual and happy. Don't get into any conversations that are deep or emotional. Just keep it basic. One of the moderators gave a link that I read that is about stopping a divorce, but it really has many helpful hints on what to say and how to act in difficult conversations.


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I really suggest you read through it as it goes into some detail about how we communicate ineffectively when in these situations.


Best Wishes,


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