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How to Get a Guy Back?

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For all there's been about 'No contact' etc that applies to the men waiting for the women. Is there one there is about 'Women waiting for men?'


I am in a seriously awful and painful situation here. Wonder if any girls have any similar experiences in getting back the guys after they have broken up. I need to read something positive. Not to give myself hope. But to make myself less doubtful..


Guys who have gone through it may also provide their own experiences too. all are welcome.

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I believe that the Article written about getting exes back works for both sexes. It depends on who instituted the "no contact". By you asking the question, I am assuming that he did. If he did then let him be the one that makes the first contact. Here's the article if you missed it.




Follow it and move on with your life. You will be rewarded. Your ex may or may not come back, but it is how you react to them that will make the difference. Don't worry about them they broke up with you for a reason. You need to move on, because he may not be worthy of your trust. If you still want to get back with him, just know let him control the contact situations.


Good Luck and Best wishes

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