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I have been thinking about all of the relasionships I have been in and all of them I hve keep secret for the first part and sometimes the whole thing. I dont tell roomates, friends, and even my famly about us. I dont take the girl to see them or hang out with them when I am with her. So what do you think is wrong with me? It is starting to bother me becouse I can never have out with friends and my g/fs at the same time. I would like to brake this habbet. So all avice is welcome.

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hey! well perhaps in the early stages you want to keep the relationship 'special' - just between the two of you and then as things progress you're scared that changing things (i.e telling people about it, going out with friends etc) might ruin things?


Take things slowly - for the early stages, keep things quiet if you want - to see how things go and then gradually start introducing her to your friends. Rather than organizing a big night out or something with a big group of friends, have you got one or two closer friends that perhaps you and your girlfriend could go out for a drink/meal with?


As for your family - again don't jump into having to intoduce them to your girlfriend, don't make it such a big thing. When they ask what you've been up to lately - just mention you're going out with your girl (insert name here!) . they'll soon realise she's your girlfriend!

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First, I'd say try to think of the reasons WHY you've felt like you wanted to keep them secret. Wanted to have the time with the girl to yourself? Worried about friends making a move on her? Worried about what people might think? Not sure how to act with your girl in a group situation? If you can figure out why you've felt like keeping the two things (friends and girlfriend) separate, you'll be on the way to figuring your way through it!

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