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I'll keep this simple. I feel fat.

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I'm going to put this as simply and as unconfusingly as possible. =P


I feel fat. I look fat, chubby really. Not just my tummy but my legs, my tummy, my butt, my face. I'm not extremely fat. Just not skinny or slim or near either of the two.


I have a BMI of 20.83. That's normal.


My best friend and my boyfriend say that I'm not fat. They're probably biased though.


A few other friends say I'm kinda fat.


So, how is this possible? Am I going crazy? Can you be fat and have a healthy BMI?


Thanks. =)

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How old are you? Have you ever had your body fat measured? BMI is just part of what goes on. If you feel insecure and would like to drop a few, just work out more. It doesn't have to be cardio or weights, you can take a yoga class or go jogging with friends.


These friends that say you are a bit fat... how does that come up in conversation?

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We were talking about chocolate, because I can't eat much without feeling sick. And he called me fat and said a few other people agreed with him.


I think you're right BetterKarma about the toning up. Definitely. Maybe that's all I need to do....And eat less rubbish. Lol.



Thanks everyone. =)

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