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Just going out as friends....how do i start?

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I want to ask a guy i like to go out with me tomoro. But i just want to go out as friends. How do i ask him without making it sound like i want to go on a date. My friend told him the way i feel about him a few months back, but he might think i dont liek him in that way right now. So in what words should i ask him to go out with me and friends? please please help/ I may be talkin to him tonite online. O and by the way I only talk to him online right now, i dont call him. ( thats another thing, how do i ask him if i can call and talk to him on the phone, its easier to talk on the phone than online ).


Thanks everyone!

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Well to ask him out as a friend say "hey would you like to go to a move to night as friends." Well it is easyer to talk to someone on line becouse you can think what your going to say and go over it over and over. But it is better to talke to someone on the phone it might be harder but that is half of the fun.

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Hey thanks for helping. But if I say wanna go out as friends....then he knows i really lke him right? - because im trying to make it osund like i dont. And about the phone caling, how do i ask him for his number and actually call him without sounding like I like him. OR even better.....how do i give him my phone number....that would be much easier for me, if he called the first time so i kno he actually wants to?

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ok im confused.. do u even like him??? cuz if you dont, then u wouldnt be worrying about all this..about giving ur number, talkin to him online..but u do like him and just want him to think that you want to hang out with him as just friends, then u should just tell him that you're interested in getting to know him better and see from there.

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