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i want to get closer to the people i hang out with.

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ive made some new friends recently whom are friends of friends.they are mainly girls who go another school from me as girls and boys go separate schools in my area.


i really like this new set of friends (and not just because they are females!) and they seem to like me as a friend too.the main problem they have are that we never seem to meet up.as active teenages,we all live busy lives.


my main problem is getting to know them.as we rarely meet up,i tend to be in the dark about whats going on in their lives.the guys in our group have girlfriends whom are in our group of friends and hence seem to know bit more than i do as they are told about it.however,i dont and i get really down not being able to know whats up.i feel a little left out.


im sure its not intentiona jus circumstances.are there any ways in which i could intergrate myself more into the group?



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Ask 'em all over for a casual hangout at your house, movie night or something like that. That way there's no pressure like there would be for an actual "party", and it won't be such a big deal if some of them don't show. That'll give you a better opportunity to get to know them, and there's nothing fishy for your folks to worry about. (This is assuming the parentals are alright with you having a group of friends over-my mom was always kinda weirded about it, she was afraid they would all be hooligans and break her nice stuff....lol) Order a few pizzas, play cards, a board game, whatever....that way the conversation flows and there aren't any of those awkward pauses or odd looks a party situation might create. If you know they're all interested in some new movie or something, rent it. Best I can come up with in that situation! Good luck, I hope you're all hanging out soon!

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