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how do u attract or find a certain type of girl?

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Hi i was just wonderin how u attract or find certain type of girl. Im a the shy-type and i dont really socialize well with strangers especially girls. I a one-woman sorta a guy, so when i look for a girl im really lookin 4 someone i can relate 2, someone caring, understanding and someone who i can bring home 2 meet my parents... basically the perfect girl. I havent had lots of gfs because i feel that my standards are 2 high, i hav a the perfect girl in my mind but i cant find her.


Does anyone hav any tips, suggestions or anything really it would be appreciated.




- whitefang

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I can relate to jayb, in my case hes right. Try being friends with girls, and sometimes, they do eventually grow to be more than friends. But whitefang, I also have the same problem when it comes to girls though. In my case, I try to find "the one", but when I do, it usually ends up in heart break, because then I realise the girl doesnt even like me back, and she ends up being too good for me . If you want though, keep looking for that one girl, because thats a good thing to do as well. Also, just try to be less shy, and a bit more outgoing. And I hope you do find that one girl, I'm on the same quest, (well actually I did find the one 8) , but I need to find out how she feels about me, ask her out or something, were good friends and all, but so far thats it ) Good luck

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Hi thnxs 4 replying,


I think i hav found "the one" she's (my best friend) but she's already taken by someone else so i cant really go 4 her. We spend college time 2gether and some days after college but the rest is alocated to her bf. I hav been think about gettin someone else 2 see if it would get her jelous but when were in college and she knows im lookin 4 someone any girl that i suggest she always manages 2 find somethin wrong with the girls that i seem 2 pick .


Although there are alot of girls doing the same course as me most of them already hav bf and the rest are just not my type (again im being 'picky' with girls).


Thnxs 4 the tips and suggestions, most appreciated.


- whitefang

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Thnxs 4 replying,


I suppose i could go lookin, but i tried that and around where i am there isnt alot 2 do, e.g. clubs, parties theres nothin like that its so boring where i live. If i tell the truth i hav a psychic ability (thats what some people call it) called 'empathy' its the ability to scan peoples psyche (or minds) 4 feelings and emotions. I know it sounds stupid but i can, i use the ability when i around girls i use it 2 pick their feelings and i match my personality 2 what they want. This is what makes me shy as well, i find it hard 2 open up to people, i also fear rejection i hate being rejected by girls it makes me feel worthless (this is why i use it).


I hav never told anyone about my ability not even my parents... except this one girl in college who i hav feelings 4 as i said before. I tell her everything which is odd, i know a girl for 4 months and i pour my thoughts out 2 her and i havnt done this 2 any other person.

I really feel like shes my soulmate, but i cant do anythin which is annoying me (because shes got a bf ). Before leavin college 4 x-mas there was a party at the college we hugged 3 times during that day and we slow danced 2gether (which i enjoyed ).


I'd rather not date anyone if she is "the one" because when im with her nothin else matters all my problems go away. I would rather wait until shes dumps him and 4 me 2 hav her, if that ever happens.


"I will wait 4 her, because i love her so much"


- whitefang

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You said you dont want to date someone becouse what if she is the one. Well I would say that it is a way to get your self over beeing shy and if you dant go after outher people and just what for her what if you mess "the oen" what would you do then? I shugest that you look for girls on college campus that is a good place to meet people. And you may never know you might just bump into the "one".

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