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Yay another holiday and more depression.

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This is great 3 holidays have come and im depressed yay for me....my girlfriend broke up before thanksgiving of 5 years we have been together. now shes got some other guy shes been with for a month and i get to hear how much she just loves her new life and how its great without me. yay for her. so i get to be depressed again! with no girl to hold or spend time with while she gets to have a bf yeah.... i pretty much feel like taking the gun i got and shooting my head off......and dont waste you time telling me its not worth it over a girl because its just not over her its because im so repulsive nobody wants me so who cares.

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Sorry to hear about the current situation. Some of us been there before when you just hate the whole world and there's nothing more left for you here so why don't you just take a gun and blow your head off. Well I don't know what to say, but even I myself have been there but did I blow my head of yet. Well no and I am not planing on doing so either. Anyway maybe I helped in some way or another. I hope you come around one day and feel better about this whole thing. Hope everything works out for you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Hi,CustomX. I think I understand how you feel. You feel awful and as if nobody cares but don't forget even if your ex-girlfriend doesn't cares, at least your parents might care about you.


I think you should get moral support from your close friends, close relatives or a nearby organisation with the people who has same problems with you. When you talk to them, you'll learn how to forget your own woes and continue your life.


Don't throw away your precious life when you have it. Have you any idea that there're many people battling cancer and other forms of disease? They have tried their best to hold on to life yet they some of them have failed.


When you are a healthy man and have a long road in front of you, the solution is not suicide. WHat a waste it would be when you still have so much years left in you. If your oppourtunity was given to one of the people who suffered uncurable diseases, do you know how they would have cherished it? The only thing is that it belongs to you and can never be taken away from you. So, you should appreciate your life and go on with it.


Having a lover is not all. I haven't got one and never had but I'm still happy with myself and not attempting suicide. Since you have the holiday, why don't you do something you like? Like surfing, watching tv or whatever you like to fill your time? Maybe you'll meet your right girl during some of those sports?


I wish you good luck with your life! Don't give up no matter what! If your ex-girlfriend wants you to feel jealous, show her how good you'll do without her!

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Know that in this new year, there is AT LEAST one person who cares about you. I care about you. I care about all the people who are out there feeling lonely and hurt. I have been where you are and I was very glad I came upon this forum. It really helps me to try helping others by giving advice. So start by opening up a thread and giving your thoughts.


Best Wishes,


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I think she does want me to be jelous of her too she tells me that her b/f is coming over to spent the night!!! thanks alot i really wanted to know this. as if i havnt cried enough. then again she says she wants to be friends with me and stuff.....okay right you broke my heart and you wana be friends like nothing happened

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Hey CustomX,


You hang in there. Don't give her the satisfaction of knowing how much she hurt you. Some ex's just want you to pine away for them forever while they go on and do whatever they feel like.


Don't you just hate the "hey, but we can still be friends" bit? Its like getting the Rice-A-Roni consolation prize in a game show. "Hey, some other guy got the girl but you get this great second-rate friendship so she can feel better about herself."


Thats why the no-contact thing is the best bet. You don't need her rubbing things in your face. Don't give her any satisfaction and she's obviously not worth ending your life over. You are WAY better than that. No, you go on and you do JUST FINE without her. You let us help you with that part. We'll show her!


PM me if you'd like to talk.



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