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hi help plz

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ok i was at my friends house like 2 months ago and my friend(lets her friend1) that i am not close wit was talkin to her b/f on msn and i was there and was being an ass and and stuff and my friends told me about him and stuff he does and stuff any way my friend dumped him a few days later then i started talkin to him and then my friend(thats call her friend 2) started dating his friend so whenever i go outside i see friend1's ex too so a few dayz i ago i started to like him and friend 1 likes him too and wants to go back out with him she nos i like him and friend 2 keeps askin him out for friend 1 so what do i just move on or what?

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Well, I think I understand what you were saying.


First of all....if friend # 1 broke up with this guy, yet she is trying to get back with him, you need to discuss your feelings with her. Make sure that she understands your full intentions and such.

Getting in the way of the possibility of them getting back together wont help you in her eyes or his eyes.

Also, you don't want to be his rebound...so I agree with Nianna that you should back off and give it some time.

But if you really don't want to be involved in a love triangle and have the possibility of loosing friends...I suggest you back off and maybe find someone new.

So yeah...hope this helps...have a great new year




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ok i get what your saying, and basically how close of a friend to you is she anyway, there was a posyt before related to the topic of ''off limits'' and would you say this is relevent to your friendship? i mean how would it affect you.


as for dating him, it may be that this lad is not interested in the first girl as she ended it, but also may still be interested as he wouldnt have gone out with her in the first place if he didnt like her.


despite all this you dont want to be the rebound girl, emotions arent there and basically your a shoulder to cry on or shove some abuse in the other girls face. so think about it who means more this boy or your mate?? only which ones going to stick around when the going gets rough and one of them leaves. who do you stand by and is this just a crush? it could be that you like him because its that little bit harder to get, up to you, your heart has the last answer to things.


think and talk to them about this.


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