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i remind her of her divorced dad

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now this topic may not be too serious but it's been on my mind a lot.


my girlfriend says a lot of things about me tend to remind her of her divorced dad. she completely hates him. cause he cheated on her mom and he's pretty much weird as she puts it. but a lot of things that i like or how i'm like says it reminds her of her dad.


i don't want to though. i don't want her to think that i'm like her dad. that i'm a constant liar and will cheat on her. i'm afraid she's going to think that and want someone else cause THEY don't remind her of her dad.


we were talking on the phone last night and we just had a fight. so out of nowhere, i burped. and we both started laughing like crazy, then she said "that burp sounded stupid" innocently. and all of a sudden i was shot down from happiness, well not really, i was just bothered. and i asked her "do all my burps sound stupid" and she said "oh god i knew that would get to you" and we talked about how she feels like she shouldn't talk at all cause i'm always sensitive. and.. i don't know what to feel


should i just lighten up and forget about the whole thing?

or seriously talk about it with her?

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I think most of us choose partners that remind us of one of our parents. That's a basic psychological fact. Unfortunately, through our own behaviour we sometimes even manage to bring out the very same characteristics of the parent in question. But that's another story. If you really care for this person, talk to her openly and honestly. Tell her your fears, tell her why you get oversensitive (the underlying reasons are probably your own insecurities). And then remember that she needs to learn to trust you, and trust is never given for free, it's earned. Keep proving to her how you're not like her lying and cheating dad, and she'll finally let go of her fears.

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