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what's the problem?

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my boyfriend and i have been together for several months now. for some reason whenever i give him a blow job, he can't orgasm. i ask him if it just doesn't feel good, but he assures me that it's wonderful, it just can't get him off. he DOES orgasm when we have sex though. but if i use my hands or mouth, he just can't cum. he says that he's never been able to cum by receiving oral sex in any of his past relationships either. i know it isn't my fault, because all of my past boyfriends were amazed at how well i can give head. but with him, i either have to stop so he can finish it off himself by masturbating, or he just loses his erection. does anybody have any idea about why this is happening? i really want to be able to please him.

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Yes, it could be a number of problems but from the just of what I read from you, sounds to me like another human touch on his genitiles makes him somewhat shy or uneasy. Or maybe he just hasnt really had that so he's not as sensitive to it as he would if he was used to it. Depending on how many other women have done this too him. Or it could be the opposite, he may have been with so many women that he just cant climax.


Lastly, (but i doubt it) you may just need to practice on him more and do it better.

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sometimes we just get used to the feeling so it doesnt plz us as much ium sure ur doin excelent dont worry bout it im srue ur doin just fine umm sex talk with sue johanson yea u could call in there and she coiuld tell u shes an expert on this stuff but yea otherwise i wouldnt worry bout it

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i'm not sure exactly how many other girls have done it to him, but he's definitely not unexperienced with this, neither am i for that matter. we've tried experimenting and trying to see what he likes, and we've found things that he REALLY enjoys. but still, even if i do it just like he tells me, he doesn't cum.

another thing that might have some importance (maybe not, i dunno), is the fact that he lost his virginity when he was only seven. i try not to think about that, because i find it quite disturbing. he's never mentioned or even hinted at any kind of sexual abuse though, so i don't think that could be the problem either.

he's not shy about someone else touching his uh..package, trust me. he likes it when i do. i really can't find any explanation

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I'm the same way. I always wondered why that was. I can cum, but rarely and the girl really has to spend a lot of time getting me there.


Anyway, the reason I don't cum is because I don't like the idea of doing that in someone's face. Also, a bj doesn't allow me to control the pace of the motion, so it doesn't get me far. Both simple reasons, one of which your bf may have as well. No big deal really. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.


So, I would say don't worry about it. I always tell my girlfriends they don't need to give me a bj or if they do, I'll enjoy it, but I won't orgasm.

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