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Am I reading too much into this???

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Hello again. I previously posted about my ex gf and how she has started to contact me again after 2 months apart. After my post yesterday, I got a call from my friend who said that my ex had shown up at the park with her dog. This is the park where I walk everyday after work with my dog. I was still at work though. She called me last Friday and we started off with small talk and eventually moved a little into "us" as in her asking why I didn't make these improvements in my life while we were together. She called again on Sunday and I talked to her briefly yesterday. My question is, am I just reading into this too much? Do you think there is some hope?The last time she came to the park was just after we split two months ago! Any advice would be welcome!!!



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I think she's giving you a hint. Asking you why you didn't do this when you two were still in the realtionship.


Maybe she had left you because she thought that you wouldn't be able to change but now that you've proven her wrong, she's starting to give the second chance.


I don't think it could be mere coincidence that she'd gone to that park with her dog. From my point of view, I think she intends to bump into you. So, I think you two still have some hope.


Take her out for dinner or something if you're interested in continuing this relationship. Then maybe you could ask her how she feels and others.


I hope this works and it has helped.

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Thanks Tough Girl! I am happy to hear it. I could write volumes about the little nuances of the relationship, yet I am just trying to do the right thing. Yes things are definitely falling into place with my job serach and law school plans, I just want it all to fall into place, the career and the love of my life!

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Hi again and Happy New Year


Well, what I think is that if you want her,go get her. Don't wait for your career first. By that time, she might think that you're no longer interested.


Then again, it comes to your career. Its ok for you not to have a career to go after a girl. Just make sure you're responsible enough to handle a relationship. You might have neglected her sometime ago but don't let it happen again. If this girl isn't a materialistic one, she wouldn't mind just going out for walks with you even if you can't afford to buy her drinks. She could be with you and support you throughout your career building.


I hope this advise helps. Wish you a very Happy New Year and Good Luck!

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