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Need help with girls


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Hey. My name is Joshua and I am 18 years old. I am a virgin, I've never had a girlfriend, I've never been on a date, an I've never even kissed a girl. I have many girl friends and I talk easily to all other girls, so I think I don't have a problem with communication with any girls. I am over weight. I am 6 foot tall and I weigh 235. I don't consider myself to be ugly, just not very attractive. I feel that I am good looking enough for a girl to stomach dating. I really need help finding a girl. I have a friend who is really sweet and we are good friends. I've falling completely in love with her. My question is how can I get her to fall in love with me or any girl for that matter. I've have told her twice how I felt about her and she said it was sweet and gave me a kiss on the check. I know that the only reason she doesn't want to date me is because of my looks. Any help you be appreciate. I'm very tired of being alone. I just want someone to hold tightly in my arms.

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My question is how can I get her to fall in love with me or any girl for that matter

You can't I'm sorry. You can't "force" someone to love you. It happens naturally.


I've have told her twice how I felt about her
NEVER tell a girl twice how you feel about her. She wouldn't have forgotten the first time. If you keep pouring out your soul to her she'll think of you as needy and clingy. Don't push anything with her or any girls for that matter. You gotta kill that desparation! Girls smell it a mile away... Don't drive her away, continue to still be friends with her, that's better then nothing..


I'm very tired of being alone
Girls can pick up on this more often then you think. Don't show it! Go out and get new hobbies and delve into things you really enjoys, girls will fall into place automatically then, don't force the matter.


I just want someone to hold tightly in my arms.
That's right, the key word is you want to hold a girl in your arms, but you don't need one. Just enjoy life, you're still young. Don't be a doormat to women though, huge turnoff. Don't do everything they say, if you disagree on something, say it! They'll respect you for that. You have many girls as friends, you can grow through those connections too...
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You want to start daating girls? huh? Well, here is something that you must do. Become more confident. You must learn that all girls are really attracted to confidence and can smell an unconfident man a mile away and it to them is unattractive. Head up and make them realize they aren't worthy of you, because they do not know the real you. In time girls will see this and come running. My recommendation is for you to get a self help book on how to be more confident. Its not how you look, but how you present yourself. Always remember that. Present yourself as a confident handsome man and the girls will come running!

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