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this could help save marriages


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This something a counselor recommended to my wife and

I which is so obvious, but still really amazing.


Each one of you make up a list of your expectations

and what you want out of the marriage. Don't

show each other your list until you're each done.


Then compare lists. This is a great way of heading

off problems up front. Hopefully you won't see any

big mismatches, but you may find things that

really surprise you. And to save your marriage, wouldn't

you like to know about those up front?


And of course, ideally, you do these things BEFORE you

get married not to save a marriage after the fact.


What do you think of this idea?




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Thats brilliant! I figure communication is and always will be the key to anything regarding relationships. I was going to do someting like that at the beginning of my next relationship, so i can realise her expectations and how far and serious she wants it to get.


Some people have broken up over something like 'its going to fast', so something like that in every relationship or marriage will start clamping down on break ups.


Thank you for sharing that with us.

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