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How do I trim my pubic region?

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I usually try to use my scythe but if it for some reason is too bloody to use, I go with my razor.. But it's easy to get ingrown hair with a razor so perhaps you could trim it, very carefully I might add, with a pair of scissors and then use an electrical shaver.. Be sure to use a new razorblade if you go with that though.


And never, ever, ever, ever shave your twinkle, just trim it carefully with scissors. Only use a razor there if you're a grandmaster in the shaving stance like I am! *looks very proud*


And that concludes todays lesson in trimming the pubes. Homework for tomorrow is to actually do it and bring to show & tell.. Or something.



Also, shaving does not in any way make your hair grow faster. It's a dumb myth. How could the hair have nuff intelligence to know that the upper part of it has been shaved off and thus increase its speed of growth?

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