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Tomorrow there is a party


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Me, and a bunch of friends are going over to a buddy's new apartment and are having a party because it is his girlfriends Bday. Everyone is going to be drinking, playing rock band etc. just having a good time which will be fun. I dont drink though, never have and dont plan on it, well anyways, the point im posting here is



i'm depressed. The later it gets, the more depressed and lonely I get. I am sleeping over there with people because they want to drink and I would rather come and hang out then sit home alone. I can already feel the loneliness radiating though. I was over there tonight and there isnt any furniture yet, so im going to sleep in the closet (lol) which is completely fine (I have a humorous look on it, doesnt bother me at all) but the fact that almost everyone going is going to be with a SO and im just going to be there alone as usual. It will end up just bothering me.


I dont know how to approach the situation. I dont know what to do to make myself not feel empty inside. I see so many people around me happy with other people, I just feel lonely and thats how I have always been. I know deep within that tomorrow is going to be another one of those nights where my chest brutally hurts because of sheer loneliness. I don't know what to do.


I am looking forward to going there and everything, but not feeling hollow. I feel like if I dont go then I'm just hiding from whatever is wrong and it does not get any better. Help me please, with any advice, or anything!

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It proves the point that loneliness is a state of mind and has little to do with whether you're physically around other people or not.


Anyway. The fact that you're the only singleton in this group of yours isn't something you should feel ashamed about. But if it really bothers you to the extent that you can't fully appreciate their company, maybe it's time to look for a new social network - or, better still, learn to appreciate yourself and your own company.

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