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So, I met with the ex

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Hi Guys,


I meet with my ex on the weekend and now I am even more confused than ever! I strongly advise against it to anyone trying to get over someone, but I guess I learned the hard way.


Everything was great, we get along so well. There was flirting and cute little cuddles, we were so happy to be in each others precence again. All it did for me was make me realise how much I am totally in love with him!!! And it hurt to leave. Was really sad.


Afterwards, I let him know that meeting again would be a bad idea because it hurt to be around him. I wanted to know how he felt about me so I asked him. He replied with how great it was to see me and that in this stage of his life he think he has made the right decision. Reda my posts if you need background. But I wanted to know how he felt about ME!!! Its a pretty simple question to answer!


He replied with I love you, I love everything about you. That hurt more than what I was expecting!!!


What should I do now?!?! I want him back in my life. Seeing him was the first time I felt complete since the breakup. HELP!

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Well, sounds like he is not ready to get back together just yet. Start the no contact again and let him be the one to break and then slowly start the slow process of healing the relationship. He must miss you more thatn he has missed you so far. Take some time to figure out what you need for you. You need to make yourself number one. He will be back and this time you have to be stronger and make him want you more than anything. You need time to help yourself create a better you one that does not need him, but wants him. Right now you feel like you need him and that will only serve the purpose of hurting you more in the future. You cannot need him, that will only hurt the relationship. A need for somebody is an unattractive characteristic. You must end the dependency for him, by the no contact rule. Help yourself become the woman that he missed out on and strive to go forward with the healing process.


Sorry you started hurting again.


Start the healing process anew and go forward.

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Thank you for your advice


The circumstances of our relationship where hard to deal with. Distance, timing ect. and things wernt peachy 100% of the time as you would expect, but we were still so in love! Wish he wasnt so stubborn and willing to give our love another chance!


But I guess Ill never get to show him how much another chance would be worth it!!!

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just tell him that you love him. i am a guy. we get soooooo embarrassed if we say we love someone and they dont say anyting. that would just piss me off.


I whisper "i love you" in my ex's ear every time she gets on the train, She just smiles, i know it makes her think, which is what i want in the end..

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