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What does it mean when...


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you ex boyfriend of 2 years who breaks up with you 3 weeks ago and doesn't reply to your txts, then when you ring him (just a second ago) he says "oh i were gonna txt you today". Followed up by a friendly pleasant 10 minute convo, him telling me all about how he's been doing this that and the other, how great his new life is etc etc, then as the convo comes to a close a "do you wanna hang out next week?"


what does that mean! is it a polite gesture? or maybe he does wanna see me? but then if he did surely he would have txt/rang ME by now...? anyone?


i always think i read into things a bit too much and should let it be what it is but i dunno.](*,)

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i went through something kinda similar with an ex girlfriend. he may want to be friends with you, and thats all, so don't get your hopes up, but what ever you do, don't shoot down all hope by telling yourself it will never happen. all i can ask is how much does this guy truly mean to you?

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I did ask him why he didn't reply to my txts and he said he was going to but he thought i hated him, but then when i txt him saying i really didnt want to become strangers he thought oh i'll give her a txt then, but never got the chance coz i rang him before he could. And thats when he said all that, and about seeing him next week.


I know i shouldn't get my hopes up but bloody hell i'd do anything to get this guy back, i've been a lot patient over these 3 weeks than i thought i'd be able to, trying to give him space but i think it comes down to a lot of that whether we get back or not, i just miss him and didn't like us not talking.


If he doesn't contact me next week shall i just leave it?

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Sounds like a polite friendly gesture. Did you actually make plans?


I think you're putting too much hope on this convo. Stop calling him and let him come to you. If he really wanted to start the relationship again, he would be calling you and trying to get your attention.

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to be honest my ex did that and i then made the mistake of doing all the chasing - i would leave it - because from my experience you will get your hopes up and then put yourself up for a huge fall. You lose all diginity and respect for yourself. If he loved or cared about you, he would come to you.


I told my ex not to contact me agian and its over 3 weeks since he did - just goes to show he doesn;t care. He said he is going to give me my space to get over him.


Why be second best?

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Yeah i am probably getting my hopes up but im no way going to put him under any pressure, if we meet up and its just friends then i'll let it be what it is, i'm not gonna fall on my hands and knees and beg for him back coz i know thats not what he wants to hear right now.

I probably should just leave him to it but its so hard when you sort of blame yourself for why things happened. I mean i know it wasn't all my fault things ended but i do feel regret i didnt try enough at the time. But i also know that he didn't try hard enough either. Then there's the argument well you shouldn't really have to try to be happy... i dunno. Altho i think it's best we split up one day the next day i'll be thinking oh god this isn't right i need to talk to him!

I should leave it i really should, but if he says he will see me i can hardly say no, he was the one to bring it up not me. Ahhhh!

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"only time will tell!" haha, as i just said to you in your post!


Yup, I know. My ex kept contacting me after we broke up and I eventually got back together with him, but nothing had changed, so now we are broken up for good. If the reasons for the breakup are still there, the reconciliation will not work, unless you work out your issues first.

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I know i shouldn't, but he asked and i couldn't say no, feeling how i do about him. He may never get in contact with me, he might have just said it to be nice. In all honesty, i haven't a clue what he's thinking! All i know is that i couldn't say no.

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man you sound like me - but trust me i have been there


They happy to talk to you and to keep you sweet. and it will hurt like crazy unless he changes his mind.


My ex would tell me he missed me loads but doens;ty want to get back with me - so how bad is that? i had enough.


He'd call and we'd talk for 2-3 hours - just gave me false hope time and time again

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PulsarSpin- You're right, you really are. And there's not much i can say to that because i know.


SpeedingCars- I know ringing him was probably a bit silly, i mean i were pretty set on not ringing him but i did it without thinking for a second, i hardly expected him to answer the phone but he did. I know i shouldn't look into it too much because i rang him or whatever but i never asked to see him, he asked me. And altho i do think it was just a friendly gesture, part of me finds it hard that after 2 years together he could just easily be friends with me, even tho i said i wanted to be friends with him. Again, probably just false hope, but either way i miss him so much and really do want to see him tomorrow, providing he does still ring.


HoTung- I'm really pleased you can relate. I get my hopes up coz i feel like well if hopes gonna just make me happy for a little while then i'll go with it because i'm tired of being miserable, i really am. Altho i said to my ex i really wanted to be friends and didnt want to lose him completely im not actually sure i can follow it through, i really want to but i dunno. I think i meant it at the time i said it but doing it, i'm not sure, at the moment. If i heard he was seeing someone else? I'd die. I really would.


Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Emotionally tired!

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