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To approach a girl at her work?


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Well, I was having a really bad day, but when I went to this store the checker was really friendly and talkative. I didn't realize it then, but her simple kindness really brightened my day.


I'd like to go back there and tell her this, then see if she'd like to get lunch or coffee or something. I'm usually not like this (approaching girls I don't really know), but I guess it feels like there was a little bit of chemistry, even in the short time we talked.


So I guess I have three questions:


1) If I were to approach her (or any girl at work), what's the best way to do it without getting her into trouble?


2) Any advice on how I should approach her? Should I just go and tell her what I just said here? Or, should I try to visit the store more often and make baby steps?


3) Should I even try to approach her?


Also, she mentioned she's going on vacation (I imagine through the Fourth of July), so it'll be almost two weeks before I'd try this.


Thanks for the advice, and please give me honest feedback. If I should just let it go and move on, just let me know. I don't want to come accross as creepy, nor do I want to take advantage of a girl's kindness.


P.S. She works at a medium sized store. There's almost never a line, and usually only one checker working at a time, so I don't think asking her out would seem awkward nor even draw any attention.

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I applaud your spirit.


My views:


1. Don't take baby-steps. That's a sure way to weird her out.


2. Tell her straight up that you want to thank her. She'll probably be pleasantly surprised, and you two will fall into a good conversation. Even if you don't ask her out, you might make a friend.

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