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I'm not sure what to do with this friend/friends

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I wrote about this in another post... I'm not sure if I want to hang with this person anymore...


well, I know that sooner or later this person will call me. We've been chatting on the phone for about a year now and sometimes hanging out once in a while....


It's just too much bs and drama with this person, and very little emotional support. Plus, some of her friends well, to be honest, maybe i cannot put are "out to get me", but I know they talk about me behind my back!


It's come to the point where I wish I never made friends with these people, they've really done nothing for my self-esteem... I am depressed all the time because of all the crap I take from them, and then I have no one to talk to about, since I have focused on being friends with them, instead of trying to make new friends very much.


Well, when this girl calls me, what should I say.. I just dont' want to contintue our friendship, since I don't think you are a very good friend or very supportive or respectful of me to start with, or just keep shining her on?


I would really like to get it off my chest about how pissed off I am about how her and her friends have treated me... it's been brewing up inside me for some time now.

the problem is, when I go out, I often do see her friends about town (well, they never speak to me anyway), but I don't want them being vindicative and doing something like slashing my tires or worse.

Well, this one girl, whom I'm friends with, she gave a party and invited this guy whom we are mutual friends with. His gf, does not like me at all, which i could care less about, but the fact that she's threatened me TWICE at one of their gigs and not a single person came to my defense!


You probably wonder why I put up with this stuff, but this region, it's like if you are not from here, so many people are so prejudiced to you.. and it's so difficult to find good friends anymore. It used to be easy...but I don't know.. maybe the whole world is becoming like that... that "it's all abouit me" mentality! LOL

Anyway... she knew I was deathly scared of that crazy gf and still she invited our mutual male friend and did not tell him NOT to bring his abusive crazy gf... Naturally when she showed up, I freaked out, and she acted like she could care less I was flipping out....

I was angry actually, since I had drank a bunch of wine before the male friend and crazy gf got there, thinking I was going to stay over...

when they got there, though, the gf was coming into the house where i was, and I really did not feel safe around her! So.. I had to try to sober up in a hurray and get the heck out of there before she threatened me again. I asked her roommate to make me some coffee, for which she yelled at me about...

It was so stupid! She then confessed the crazy gf had even hit her once!

So.. i just don't feel safe around these people, they have horrible judgement.... half their friends are druggies or alcoholics or just out and out snobs.. and I really wish at times I had never met them.. My life would of been so much calmer.

Plus my mom has just died a year ago, and my dog died in the last year too, so I just got mega stuff on my plate right now.

I hardly need lousy friends on top of it all.

I just wish I could meet some cool people to be friends with, that's all.

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If they are people with attitude problems, whilst you may want to vent about the way you have been treated, I think it's best not to. You could just remain friendly if you see them around town and just keep making excuses whenever your friend phones about why you can't meet up. You'll probably have actual reasons if you go out and start making new friends, who will take up your time. Sooner or later, the phone calls will stop and the drama will be out of your life.

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Yeah, I know lana, but I'm dying to tell them off! LOL


You are probably right though.. I doubt any of them are right in the head to be honest.


Oh.. i did get a phone call from this girl last nite.. I called her about 8 or something..

What time do you think she calls me back???? 2 am!


I would definitely like to stop her from her from doing that though. That is just so disrespectful.. Gosh, does she think I'm a vampire and stay up all nite or something????


You know you are right though, if I stop answering her calls, then she probably WILL stop calling me. I called her old roommate, not the one with the wacko gf, to ask him something, he said he would call me right back..

Did he ever? No way.. they never do... so... i may just do them the way they do me and ignore them...

I don't want to be friendly to them lana, why bother? Her friends are NEVER friendly to me.. In fact, I've decided one of her friends, he plays in a band, everytime I see him he ignores me or acts like he's never met me.

I have decided I am never going to pay money to see his band anymore! Pfft.. lo.. why should i? I dont' really like his music anyway.....

Enough is enough...... I have been so bloody nice to these people.. and been treated with disdain by them again and again..and god forbid if I complained bout it!

you know.. i have enough problems right now as it is.. i need a real friends...

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