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My method to reduce anger, is it ok if you do it like this?

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No, it's not okay, and for several reasons. The most obvious being that it's illegal and you could face jail time if caught, no matter what your reasons for smoking.


Secondly, what are you going to do, carry around a pipe or a joint and light up if you find yourself getting angry at work, or out at a restaurant, or at a friend's house, simply to calm yourself? Not very practical.


Thirdly, there's the health factor. Pot is several times more unhealthy on your body than cigarettes, and over an extended period of time you DO turn into a "burnout", a state no one INTENDS to get to, but do nonetheless, and are pretty pathetic.


There are alternatives to smoking pot for anger, and are easily looked up. See a counsellor, go to anger management classes, take up martial arts, practice Zen......there are a million ways you can control anger, and some aren't nearly as expensive as smoking weed! You keep smoking weed, you'll go from "Johnny_has" to "Johnny_was"! I don't want to see you come to that!



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You keep smoking weed, you'll go from "Johnny_has" to "Johnny_was"!
LOL! Mar that's a classic...


Yes you made some good points. I'd like to comment that I don't smoke that often, more frequent around the festive seasons but still not a big time smoker. Also where I live it's only a misdemeanor if you're caught with less then an ounce.


Yeah yes I'll try and cut back on the herbal potions, enlightening stuff you wrote there.

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No, mar is right, smoking is never good for anything, find something else to sooth the anger. Smoking is very bad. Not only does it cause death and several bad things, but what I'm worried about is this. What will happen when you run out of cigaretts, and you feel the anger rising? What will you do then? Try something else to calm the anger that doesnt involve drugs, please.

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But it can hurt someone else. I use to smoke it too but I have had a friend do something stupped and he killed someone when he was high. (he was DUI and he hit a car and killed the driver) so yes it can hurt someone and after that I quit smoking it, and after I quit I now see what it has done to me I have less endurance, and it mess up you mind too. I sugest that you dont smoke it but it is all up to you. Just dont drive or something like that.


P.S. my friend that kill that person he will be in prison for the next 10-20 years of his life. Just remember that yous it might be fun now but it could change over night and you could lose every thing.

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