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2 month ago we broke up, she didnt want to be friends and there was no chance of us getting back together. i delt with this from the advice i got from here. i am in the no contact phase but have contacted her by txt a few times through this phase. i hope to god this wont affect the chances of us becoming friends again. i my self do not want to get backtogether with her now i am past that point however i do want to remain friends. do you think she will come around from this "we cant be friends ever again". it hasnt seemed to affected her at all.

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difficult choice, but i know from experiance that relationships that have ended can remain friends afterwards. but still your circumstances will be different like everyone elses. so this is obviously a fifty fifty chance.


things that i see with no contact is that both may decide not to contact and loose out on a great friendship, but to contact too early may find you without one anyway. time will tell unfortunatley, but if you ever see her when out, dont avoid her, just make a few comments if she approaches you and see what comes of things.


good luck


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What I have learned during my break-up is that somedays you can be friends and somedays you can't. It depends on your mood or emotional thought. My ex broke-up with me, and when she calls I can talk to her sometimes. But there has been other times I don't want to talk to her because she made it this way. Why break-up only to call and say I miss you, love you, you are special, and I miss us being a family? I resent her sometimes because she made our relationship worse. Her little daughter misses me. She is so driven to live the single life it crazy. She wants to know who's out there, wants to flirt, date, party, and live life recklessly because she is 25 and missing out on all the fun. Boy! Do I know how to pick'em!

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If you've texted her a few times, leave it at that. She knows where you are, your number, etc., and the ball is now in her court. Further pursuance of this will only be seen possibly as "nagging" or "clinging", which is what you want to avoid! If she decides she wants to be friends, then let her initiate that conversation. You've done your part!



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