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Smoking herb at my moms pad

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Hi all,

So I'm 20(21 soon) years old and I live with my Mother. Now the thing is I smoke Mary Jane on special occasions, like christmas, in my bedroom while my Mom is in the lounge room watching the boob tube.


The thing is my mother doesn't like any drugs but even is she new I was smoking pot she wouldn't say anything because she isn't the type that likes to get into arguments, she likes to keep things peaceful by ignoring the facts.


Do you think she smells the weed? I mix it with tobacco and light up my spliff and I keep my door closed. The thing is she's only in the next room about 10 feet away! You guys think she can smell the sweet cheeba the next room over???


Maybe I'm being paranoid because I just smoked another doobie just over an hour ago. But sometimes when I live my room to stock up on cookies and chocolate she gazes into my eyes...... oh my eyes get pretty bloodshot sometimes too, I just say I was sleeping and I just woke up which is why I look all sleepy?


So do you think she knows I'm smoking sweet sinsemillia outta my bedroom or what? Thanks.

I might just be paranoid still though coz I've been on the chronic since yesterday. Advice please.

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Hey, if your this worried about it, then dont smoke in your room. It makes it that simple. does your mom know what it smells like, cuz i kno my mother would have no idea. Theres a big difference in the smell from just a reg. cigarette, but she might not kno. If she doesnt say ne thing dont worry about it, or just dont smoke it at her house.

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Ok - I'm gonna be blunt here, if you know your mom has a problem with it and is a very nonconfrontational person, it's a bad position you're putting her in. She may know, or she may not, depends on how much exposure she's had to the stuff to recognize the smell of it - but if she's not the type to say something even if she does know - best bet is to take it somewhere else for your recreational use - since it is illegal. Should she speak up if she knows and disapproves? Betcha she should - but if you know she probably wouldn't even if she was uncomfortable with it - it's taking advantage of her personality and all to continue. Head on over to a friend's who doesn't have a problem with it, you'll be able to do as you wish in your own place after you've got a place of your own - but try not to put her between the proverbial rock and hard place when it's her place you're crashing at, ok? You'll probably both be more at ease if you're not paranoid and she's not wondering and afraid to speak up!

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I'm not supporting you smoking in your mom's house, I'm alos against it, but I have a feeling that even with the advice above about not smoking in the house, you might still just continue doing it. At the very least, IF you decide to continue to smoke, I'd say don't be throwing it in your mom's face by staring at her with some bloodshot eyes -use some Clear Eyes or some other eye drops that get the red out. As far as the smell, make sure you cover the crack under the door, etc. and a trick I learned back in the days was to get the tube from a used toilet paper roll, wrap a couple of fabric softener sheets over one end with a rubber band, and blow the smoke through from the other end -it smells like incense. You should probably get some incense and an incense holder too.

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your lifes your life so on with the answer for you question *smiles*


i believe with what everyone says that a mother knows her child, like you said shes not one to argue, probably not confrontational and yeah she will know. theres a difference in looking tied and being stoned, on pot what ever. so yeah thats for one.


and with the smell, if its not a regular occurrence with you saying just on special occasions that probably makes it more obvious than often as the smell is different to regular. i know for one its a pretty obvious smell so im going to have to vouch for the yes sector.

and even if it was on a frequent basis shed know from the beginning smell and possibly your movements around the house and well you in yourself. also if your secretive that could become suspicious.


well theres your answer.

hope it helps, in whatever way it could and merry christmas


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