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My Mini Theory


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I want to make a lighter note on this side of the forum and share something that really makes any girl love/like you even more? I have been dating a beautiful girl for two months and her and I could not be happier. I have this trick or theory? I don't know what to call it but it makes my girlfriend go nuts, in a good way. Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went to go see a movie that just came out.


On the drive to the movies we are chatting and joking around and having a good time. We see the movie and afterwards, us both just seemed so relaxed. Now my favorite genre of music is trance, dance, club and techno. So on the way back home, i play some really just relaxing music in the techno genre. I will post some examples at the end. But at the time it is dark and late and when i play this music, it seems like we both are just in this really relaxed, loving mood. We hold hands on the way home and we don't even say a word and we just listen to the music. When i got to her place to drop her off, she went in for the goodnight kiss and she did it so passionately, it was crazy. I am the one that usually goes in for the kiss but that night it was different. Then When she got home that night, she expressed to me how the ride home that night was so perfect and it made her think of how much she really felt for me. And now I just got home from seeing another movie and the same thing happened, but this time she didn't even want to leave my car.


So I am thinking. Maybe the music I am playing can put your girlfriend, or even just a friend that is a girl, into a state of Trance. Maybe it makes your girlfriend go crazy for you. Or maybe just the friend, that is your girl, might think twice if you and her, are just friends.


This is what I usually play on the way home. You can YouTube these songs just to listen to them so you can see what I'm talking about.


Rachael Starr - To Forever (Moonbeam Remix)

Milky - Be My World

Moony - Dove

David Morales - How Would You Feel

David Morales - Here I Am

Kaskade - Everything (Big Room Mix)

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I love some techno and some trance but my fiance doesn't.


I don't think that it is the music as much as what is going into her ears. I talk about things that mean something to me. I have saved so many of my childhood memories and adventures so I can tell them little by little to my fiance. Even though we have been together for a long time, I still have much to tell her about me. (I did tell her all the bad already so there wont be any surprises )


I think that the music is just really appealing to her and she gets thrown in a train of thought about you. She relates those songs to experiences that she has with you.


Great post though. I sure hope that this works for some people who have had those dates where they talked each others ears completely off and have nothing left to say on the ride home except "hey babe... Check this song out"


Good luck with your new relationship. Hope it goes as far as your wish!

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