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He gave me a nice kiss on my lips


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When I am not expecting, things happens….. I had a very nice chat with this guy whom I have known him for years. I met with him today and he had a very open discussion about how he always feels about me. It was just amazing knowing that he is giving so high opinion about me even though he did not think the relationship with my ex would work back then. When I was dating my ex, he kept his silent and pulled himself out of scene to give me space so I could have what I wanted. Many times, when I was hurt, he was there listening to my pain. Now, he is here for me again to dry my tears.


This is the first time he gave me a nice kiss on the lips, one time. Then, again. I felt kind of weird at the first, then, I accepted it. I was confused but I knew I need to move on. Felt sad, because I had so many plans with my ex and so much expect from him, but I had to let go of those dreams; the dreams to make it become a reality to grow old together.


It is life, we all moving on somehow…. When I am not expect, things happen……

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Reading that sounds amazing to be honest, so real and perfect.


From experience, I would advise you to slowly deteriorate the feeling you have for your ex, because you may end up getting hurt if you eventually find out that he doesn't continuously feel the same for you. And it would be most tragic to lose this guy who obviously is showing affection towards to over empty love in another man.

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