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Stopping through my old college town, my ex made it known to mutual friends that she 'really wanted to talk to me' and that I was invited to her graduation party... Neither were offers that I was interested in investigating so I stayed in town for a few days and then continued North. This is the first time I've ever had her attempt to contact me in any way shape or form, since our break up, and it did surprise me a little.


That said, she's dating a (loser) friend of mine and is about to move out of the country (as am I). Did I do the right thing in snubbing her so-called invite? My stance is that if she wants to contact me, it wouldn't be hard. My phone works and I'm on facebook. If not, I've put myself out there too many times to just show up at a party which I heard about through word of mouth rather than direct invite.


On the table, I totally dislike her boyfriend and he'd be there. It should also be noted that she accused me and told others of my being a stalker (no basis in reality) which has turned me against her quite a bit. I just didn't see the point in going. If she wants to talk, she can call me. Was I wrong?

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