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thinking about female friend..


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my previous post here talked about how mad i was when my friend decided to get back together with her crappy ex-boyfriend. since then, i've accepted it pretty much. she didn't seem too unhappy, but then i started thinking..


i've been friends with her for a couple of years, and we always have the same intrests. and sense of humor. and we just get along really well.

i just hung out with her today and it was a really great day. we went out and talked and walked around and just spent the day together. the whole time, she would mention her boyfriend and how crappy he treats her sometimes. he doesn't beat her or anything, but it's obvious from the way she explains it - that he's not the best person. and how she doesnt exactly know why she's with him. she doesnt really COMPLAIN but just talks about bickering and fights they have. and how she wishes he wasnt certain ways. i could almost sense she wants someone better.


so i dropped her off and she headed off to her boyfriend's. i came home and she called me and just small-talked a little. i felt as if she really enjoyed hanging out. and i also feel like she's wanting me to tell her to leave him and tell her that i want to be with her. i think that because she's not the person that would make the first move. ever. and how i always wanted to but just never told her anything like that. it just really boggles me how we never ended up together. so now i'm getting all of these thoughts coming. what would happen if we were together? does she feel the same way? or think about it?


should i approach her with all of these thoughts? or should i just keep them to myself? it's not more of a curious thought, but i would assume we'd get along great together. i find her attractive. she's funny. she's smart. we love music, share same intrests.. im just thinking.


can anyone provide with some insight?


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hmmmmm well if she has a bf its really inappropriate to try and date her, obviously. but on the other side, she may realize the something great the two of you could have if you brought it up...




i say you bring up in conversation the question if she ever thought about the two of you as a couple. i know its odd to do but its sort of innocent ya know? if she says yes then discuss it, if she says no tell her "well i have". see where it goes from there.

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Dude you are in the friend zone. The two of you maybe perfect for each other but I doubt she will see it. She wants the drama of her current boyfriend and that you cannot give.


My advice to you would be to just stay friends with her. If your feelings for her develop too much back off. You can bring it up in a convo but i dont see that ending too well.

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