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What took it to the next level?


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I know this is going to be different for most everyone, but i just felt like asking this. By the next level i mean. Say you were talking to someone and went out a few times just the two of you. You have a similar circle of friends and hang out almost every fri/sat night in addition to anything the two of you do with each other. (aahh..kinda getting specific..going to stop) So your not really dating dating per say. (You situation doesn't have to be just like this but something similar would be helpful.) But the interest is there. What thing(s) took it to full on dating/relationship? Like did the other person do something special that showed a explicitly higher interest level one day/night? or did things just become more and more physical slowly till someone made a move?


I know this is kind just rambling and not making a whole lot of sense. I just may not be putting my question into the correct context or something i don't know. I'm just feeling really confused. I can get the things (in this case, specific women who are on par in the looks department, with the women i want)i don't have a whole lot of desire for, but the one i do want seems to be just out of reach. And i seems like i've dropped the ball at some point. The girl was chasing me and initiated the interaction between us initially and restarted it after i went NC because of how she was acting.


Sorry rambling again. If anyone can try and take a whack at the original question, please do so. If it doesn't stick out the main question is mostly at the bottom of the first paragraph.

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well i had a similar situation (by your examples). what took it to a higher level was 1) the amount of alone time we spend. it went from group stuff to things we would do as a group but did it with just us to dinners alone. i mean going out to dinner at a nicer type place clearly shows that your not just a buddy and 2) the amount of contact. i worked with my bf before so we had a lot of contact anywho, but we would text everyday and texts eventually became calls and now we have been calling each other every day at lunch and every night before bed, no matter what. once again you just dont call/text a friend everyday to see how they are doing.


so thats what my experience was, and of course when he said "wellllll im not looking to be with anyone else" and i said "me niether" that sorta confirmed it too ahaha.

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