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give her space, or just move on??


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ok heres the deal; my girlfriend and i just recently ended our year long relationship due to constant arguments. Long story short, we still have strong feelings for each other but she says that she does not want to get back into a relationship anytime soon. She also says she would just like to be best friends again for a while "like it used to be." BUT, she now has been hanging out with her best friend and her bestfriends boyfriend and his friends. While she says that she is merely just friends with everyone (and i believe her), it makes me angry and scared because she is with them everyday, all day. She tells me that they all have so much fun together. I know she just wants time to herself and i completely understand that but i hate the fact that she is always out having fun and hanging with all these people and im just always depressed. Im looking for some advice on how to cope with my strong feelings for her yet still give her space. Am i just a psycho or can anyone help me. haha, thanks.

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Yo man, chill it down a little. I'm sort of the same way in how i feel about my g/f and we've only been together for like a bit over a month. I look at it this way - if she comes to me and wants to chill cool, if not, then that tells you she has moved on and thereforeee is your queue to move on.


I know it's not exactly easy (alot harder for you then me given the time of our relationships), but if that's the case it's almost like your her 'backup' after friends... almost how my g/f treats me.


Is this LDR?

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ok, thanks guys. i guess i'll just have to roll with that for a while. Im just mad/confused bc she says she wants to hang out and be friends but everytime i ask her to chill she either already made plans or she says we can chill for an hour but then she has to go or something like that. I just dont know why she is saying all of that if she cant pencil me into her 'busy schedule'.....??

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Fill you social calendar with as many plans as possible that don't include her. That way you aren't sitting around waiting to hang out with her, and you will stop feeling so depressed (but don't drink too much...break-up drinking is the cause of many embarrassing phone calls, emails, messages, etc). Wait for her to contact you, and when she does, be friendly but a little bit distant. If she doesn't contact you, then its pretty clear what her feelings are towards you, and trust me, you will get over her.


You aren't a psycho!! The only people who DON'T go through this kind of thing at least once in their lives are people with mental issues!

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