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Dreaming of cheating???


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Twice over the course of my (9 month) relationship, I've had dreams of cheating on my boyfriend. The dreams don't lead to actual sex, but it involve a lot of foreplay. I vaguely remember the first dream...but the more recent dream involved someone I liked when I was in highschool. We're friends on myspace but we haven't talked in ages, I have no feelings or a desire to reconnect with him. I'm just confused as to why these dreams happen. I admit that I wasn't faithful in one of my previous relationships - but I have made a 180 in this relationship. My boyfriend and I have had some issues lately but I have not cheated and will not either. We're working on our problems and making progress little by little. I love him dearly and even knowing that I dreamed about cheating makes me feel like I have been unfaithful.

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Don't worry about it. Dreams are just that... dreams. Nobody has any control over them or knows wy they happen.


I sometimes dream that I cheat on my boyfriend, or that he has cheated on me. The other night I had a weird dream that I had a huge crush on a guy who works at my university, and in the dream my boyfriend didn't exist. My boyfriend has also had dreams that he has cheated on me and vice versa.


Sometimes these things just happen randomly. You haven't bee unfaithful because it isn't real and you have absolutely no control over it.

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