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Worst pain of my life- didn't know it was possible to feel this horrible!

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I woke up tonight at 2:30 in the worst pain of my life (teeth) I can't even describe it. It feels like a throbbing, banging, just plain OW, and it is the kind of pain that leaves you dazed and confused. I laid in bed not sure where I was or what the heck is going on in my mouth! I've had toothache pain before, and many different kinds, but this is different. This is intense, and I'm just trying anything to keep my mind off of it before the perc kicks in. IN desperation, I smeared orajel over my entire mouth, but it's pretty much all washed away. Ugh, I have no idea why this is happening and I want to cry Totally calling my dentist in the AM.

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I had a pain similar to this. I had a giant hole in my tooth and an abcess had developed in my gum. For 3 days I couldn't sleep a blink, I used to sit in the dark all night, rocking, clenching, trying to clear away the pain. Until I discovered I could take these pills we have in the UK, Ibuprofen 400mg, every 2 hours and then Cocodamol 200mg every other 2 hours. Although all this did was numb the pain for 20minutes at a time and make me feel half asleep.


Honestly I believe that was the worst pain I'd every felt, nothing you could do to stop it from hurting. I broke my hand once, that pain didn't come close to the toothache I had with my abcess. At least I could rest my hand and not move it, the pain would diminish until I moved it again. Teeth, nothing you can do.


Get to the dentist as soon as possible but I know you know this. I had a root canal without anesthetic when it happened. I am nuts now I think back at it.

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I was given a few different painkillers last week when I had my wisdom teeth out. I've got extra strength ibuprofen (those I bet wouldn't even put a dent in this pain), T3's, percocets, and APO-IBU profen. I went straight for the percs. Thought I wouldn't need those ever again. Wrong! My head is getting pleasantly fuzzy...

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hope i'm not hijacking but i have a story about tooth pain. In short though you really need to see a dentsit ASAP.... but here's mine...


when i was on holiday last year i cracked a tooth on a mint of all things. I went to the dentist on a friday afternoon and he repaired the tooth and made a passing comment at one point like 'oh, hm, i might have touched the pulp there but i think it'll be fine'.


i started to drive my gf to a pharmacy to get the anti-inflamatory stuff and the injections/numbness in my mouth started to wear off. This was intense pain, I mean, my teeth felt like they were going to explode, there was an intense stabbing pain and dull pain which just kept getting stronger and stronger over the next 20minutes. By the time I got to the Pharmacy I was in so much pain that my eyes were streaming and i couldnt see straight. I was holding an ice rag to my face and biting hard on something else, because te pressure was helping a little.


I took the medicine with shaking hands (I was a little out of it at this point and thought the medicine would make it better) and ran back to the car. The place we were staying at (my family's house) was only 2miles away and my gf couldn't drive. I started to get really dizzy and sick with the pain and got to my parents house and collapsed due to the pain. I was out for a little while and my Dad took me to the hospital - I can't remember much after that - it was all a bit of a blur as I rocked myself around like the previous poster said,and my Dad called the dentist and asked what the hell he'd done to my tooth.


Got to the hospital and had a morphine injection in my hip or something, then was given two drugs - i think one of them was a x4 strength hydrocodine (i'm a big guy) -- anyway i was literally knocked out with these drugs till the dentist was open again on monday. (i think on sat/sun i was awake for literally 40 mintues total to have a drink and something to eat)


Turns out what he'd done was drilled too deep on my tooth, hit the nerves and covered them up with a filling. As a result he had to do a root canal - and I blamed him completely for it.


Tooth pain is by far the worst pain you can have when it's that intense. I seriously just wanted to die. If I hadn't been knocked out for that weekend I have no idea what I would have done.


Get to a dentist NOW. Tell them it's an emergency and get it sorted NOW.

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I had something simialar to this once...


I have never felt pain like it! Shooting from my tooth & gum down my neck & up the side of my face into my head. Honestly on a scale of 1-10,10 being excruciating,it was a 10. I was so close to calling the ambulance. It was so painful i thought that it couldnt be toothache & must be a brain tumor or something. I put up with it for soooooo long because of my phobia of dentists but i was practically addicted to pain killers,taking way way over the rec daily dose..


In short go to the dentist,have the tooth removed or antibiotics if its an abscess..

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I really don't think it's the sockets. They're actually healing up fine. The stitches dissolved in the right amount of time, they've been kept very clean, etc... It's the actual teeth beside the sockets that hurt the most. I feel like overnight, all of my teeth have squished together. They must be realigning, because the main reason I got my wisdoms out was because the teeth were all very tight and they were getting damaged. I had some birthday cake yesterday, and just the coldness of that left my entire mouth aching. I also had some grapes, and apparently that was a huge mistake. This morning my entire mouth feels like I've had braces put on or something. It's soo tender. I had to take more painkillers so I could get some sleep, and I was knocked out till noon. Now I don't have time to go before work! Argh! I'll go tomorrow morning, but I'm calling them right now.

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