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It's officially over with the ex

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I posted this yesterday about seeing her for the first time since the break up and worrying about what would happen:




Like everyone told me to, I dressed my best and acted confident. The ex pulled up, started walking in, saw me, and stopped in her tracks. She started walking in a different direction. I saw her look back and look at me at least 20 times, but she tried to make it seem like she wasn't looking but my parents said she was. I could tell that she tried to look her best to make me jealous, but at that point, I was done caring. The entire time she sat there laughing and making small talk with her mom. I could hear her making comments about me. At the end of the night, her parents and grandma both hugged and kissed me. My ex went out into the car to try to avoid me.


So, I leave with no regrets. I went in knowing how I should act and I went about my business. I guess she's still the same immature girl that broke up with me 4 months ago. It's not worth worrying about her anymore.

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