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Me and my ex split up 11 days ago, I moved 300 miles to be with him so have moved back home with the parents. I have no job and am getting worse in debt. But I have finally told him to stop contacting me. At first we were doing the whole text thing, one minute we would argue, then be like we miss each other and love another. Each time he was like that I got my hopes up just like todays text and I felt crushed again. Well no more, I have taken him off my msn, facebook, deleted his number even though I know it off by heart lol and am moving on. Tonight I am just going to turn my phone off and just read a good book to keep my mind busy. I know what comes around goes around and hopefully it will to him very soon haha.


Just thought I would share this with everyone and does anyone have any ideas on how to move on quicker or when I have a bad day not to contact him?

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Start to really dig deep and examine why the relationship failed. MOST of the time, both parties were at fault. Look closely at what you did and how it may have affected the relationship. Work on those issues. Do it for yourself, and tell yourself, the next guy you date will be much more lucky. That's what I'm doing, and its empowering! Good luck. Stay with NC!!! It gets easier for sure.

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Hey Miss,


Good for you for finally cutting off contact, so that you can truly heal.


The whole "I love you, I love you not" game can be toxic, and only prolongs the pain. I salute you for being strong enough to do what is necessary, but also emotionally very difficult.


Don't underestimate how strong you are! Don't underestimate the right decision you have made.


I am not going to lie - the aftermath is difficult, it can be painful, and you will have ups & downs (yes, you will have ups too


As I am learning myself (NC for 3 weeks after a 8 year relationship), the aftermath is a journey in and of itself - a journey in learning why the relationship failed, a journey in learning who I was, who I am now, and who I am becoming.


Please hang in there - post on ENA - lean on your friends/family for support, keep your mind busy (books are good - movies are good too - PM me if you want a list of some good flicks).


You will get through this, and I promise you, you will learn how strong & powerful you really are.



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Thanks for your replies guys, well today is my first day of NC. I turned my phone on this morning and received a text off him and I just turned my phone back off. I don't feel the need to reply but I might do later so am just keeping busy. He has started using an internet dating site a friend said so obviously he is moving so why is he still trying to contact me? Pfftttt men are so confusing lol.

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