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Sex with a friend

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I hope that I put this in the right place, Ok where do I start well I like this girl but she is not ready to have an relasionship I am ok with this, now about two weeks ago I have had sex with a friend. Well I know she wants an relasionship with me and I kind of like her but I still like the outher girl too. To make thinks worse I am about to go on a trip with my friend that I have had sex with. What should I do? I like the both girls, and I know both girls like me back. I am so comfused on what to do. Please help, tell me what should I do?

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I suggest both of you lay the cards on the table. You and the friend you had sex with I mean. Is it a "friends with benefits" thing going on here or what?



I like the both girls, and I know both girls like me back

Well you can't date both girls simultaneously, obviously. You have to find out who you like more, that's the bottom line. Perhaps you might want to write a list, weighing the pros and cons of both girls. Just a suggestion anyway. Good luck.

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Hello. If you want to be truly happy, you must pick. You must be 100% available to fall in love and to find love, or else you are setting yourself up for bad experiences and the girls also. So figure out who you want to be exclusive with. We carry this into the next person we meet and the next and the next, then eventually we all get screwed up, by who, the opposite sex. Too many situations is confusing. You should hurt somebody in the short run for long-term kindness, like the song says (cruel to be kind). In the end, you and your potential mates will win.

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Warning: Don't think with the little guy.


You have to make sure you're not mixing up love and lust. I "liked" all the girls I had sex with, doesn't mean I loved them.


As someone else said, you and that friend need to have a heart to heart. The worst thing you can do to someone is lead them on by not being totally honest. That means being honest with yourself as well. Whenever sex is involved, thing get intense real fast and can get ugly just as fast.

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