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Moving on and the unconcious hope inside for reconciliation

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Today i found out that my has moved in with her guy whom she left me for. Now i have taken gigantic steps from the depressing first weeks. Yet when i heard the news i found my self in a sadend state. The news didnt rock by any means but it was as if another string was cut from the already battered rope. Why cant we get rid of this hope on a conscious and unconscious level? how long will it last? is it a michanisim to keep us from total hoplessness?. I dont have the answers to these questions, but was wondering if it is just me or others feel this process on some level. Its been over 6 months since the break-up.

Share your views please, maybe we can shed some light on this aspect of healing.

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i wanted to ask the same question.

i want to get rid of this home.. i really do... but its hard.

i do know for a fact that its the healthiest way to go... but i want peoples advise on how to do it... its really hard.

its only been a few days for me.. and i dont want it to linger much longer.

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beleieve it or not, you do choose how you feel about your current situation. It is deeply on a subconscious level. The pain is real, but the torture you are descrbing is self inflicting. I am not implying your feelings for your ex were not real, or deeply loving, but I know from my own experience I inflicted more agony and pain on myslef then my divorce.


Have patience.Be kind and loving toward yourself. You are actually in a unique transition period right now, make the most of it. We can only live one day at a time, and one moment at a time, remember that. What happened in the past is the past. When you continue to think about it and wallow in it it is eauivalent to being there the day the break up happened.


Go out and live your life, enjoy every moment and everyone in your life.


This too shall pass.

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