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Am i falling in love with her? :S ...

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Hey everyone... i would really appreciate any ideas or advice on this .. thank you so much.


I was wondering what you think of this... :S and whether or not you think I may be falling in love... something that to be honest, kind of scares me, because (as I know is typical), Im scared of getting hurt; of it not being reciprocal, and this is weird since Im starting to also act a little strange and distant from her at times, even when i dont consciously want to.


The girl and I have been friends for some time now (shes bi) and it originally started as an internet thing.. we eventually met and although I found her so adorably cute and sweet, she didnt quite 'convince' me, so to speak (in some ways her personality was quite different from mine) and her sense of humour.. like it wasnt quite like mine so sometimes I felt like 'no way, i could never date her'... make out, totally.. but date her... never.


And so... :S time has passed, we've slowly become really good friends.. and recently I find myself thinking of her a lot, at random moments of the day... starting to even think that her little hyperactive moments and sense of humour that once were not quite my thing, are like... cute, and sweet. I feel like a wonderful feeling would be to tell her how beautiful she is to me, how sweet she is, and oh man... i feel like i want to give her all my affection these days. But then its weird.. when I'm with her I actually act a little 'zombied-out' lol... maybe in some ways her personal sense of humour or really energetic moments overwhelm me, but then i always wake up thinking the next day what a wonderful person she is, and as i say, how adorable those little things that make her who she is, are.


Apart from that, lately, I'm also becoming a bit distant when we talk on like msn :S... to the point sometimes where shes asked me whats wrong, and its like.. i dont know... I always end up feeling guilty afterwards, like Im ignoring her or something and I feel so bad because shes like so special to me suddenly that the last thing Id want to do in the universe is hurt her feelings. but i find myself possibly sometimes doing that.


What do you think of all this? :S does it sound like I'm starting to fall in love? :S please be honest, dont just tell me what I want to hear... its just i dont know... i once suggested making out, and she said that we should remain friends... but i sometimes also do get a vibe from her that shes interested in something more to be honest... and its not that im looking for signs, i really think so sometimes because shes always so keen to talk to me, and shes always so eager and happy if i talk to her.

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It sounds to me like she's growing on you a bit. Your feelings for her include sexual attraction, I assume (based on what you wrote, it looks like you always found the idea of making out with her interesting)? If so, then it sounds to me like she's growing on you and perhaps you're beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I think if you were classically "falling in love" you would know it (it interferes with sleep and eating, typically, and consumes your thoughts in a very unmistakeable way), but it sounds to me like you are gradually getting into this person -- which can end up in the same place.


The issue is that she seems to want to see you as a friend. So there is risk there. If you push the envelope on her, it may damage the friendship you have. On the other hand, if you are having these kinds of thoughts, it's also undermining the friendship from the perspective of you wanting more than friendship, potentially.


Why not go out with her and spend some time in real life with her? Go to a movie, go for coffee or something and as the conversation turns, explain to her that you think you're getting really into her, and see how she reacts. If you are gentle and subtle about it, she probably won't react negatively, even if she does decide that she isn't interested in having a relationship with you.

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Well i guess only time will tell as to whether you are falling in love with her,but you do seem to be i guess. Sorry its been a long time since i have been in love so i cant quite remember,but im sure it started off something like this!


Why dot you go out for a night out together or invite her round & cook,then see what happens & what gets mentioned??

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