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Frustrated and Confused....

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Well I've been dating a Guy which is a single father for about 3 months, I'm 22 and he's 28. He's daughter, which I truly adore is no issue to me. I met him through my exboyfriend they know eachother through other friends. Well I know I probably rushed through this relationship which was wrong, I really did enjoy his company. Now that I know him better I'm feeling frustrated. He's house is a mess and this kind of messy I can't put up with. He's had girlfriends that move in and clean for him and cook for him and depend on him paying for everything and their own expenses because they don't work. I, on contrary, have two part-time jobs and go full-time to school. I'm independent. He expects a lot more time than what I have. + he complains too much!!! ](*,) We have had a couple of disagreements because he likes to argue and be right all the time. I hate arguing but when I do its because I know I'm right. I am confused because lately I've been thinking of my exboyfriend ALOT!!! I've ran into a couple of pictures of him and his current girl and I get a bit jealous. I don't know WHY?!! We had good times but for the most part he was my first and biggest heartbreak Some1 give me some advice!!!

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