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Please tell me if I'm over-reacting!!!!! help!!!!!!!


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For the past few weeks/months I have been hooking up with my best friend of 8 years. Lately I felt like he was avoiding me a bit so I told him that if he wanted anything to happen with us to make the first move. He said he just wanted to be friends so things wouldnt be weird, that was fine with me.


About 6 months ago he had hooked up with one of my really good friends from college. she didn't do anything about it cuz she knew i kinda liked him (although i didn't) and last night she came over. He invited himself over and while we were in my basement I noticed he was like leaning on her and holding her hand. When they left my house at 4:30am they hooked up again on my driveway. This was only about 4 days after he said he only wanted to be friends with me by the way.


I talked to her this morning and told her she should go after him if she liked him cuz he had made it clear he didn't like me. I called my best friend on it and told him he was an jerk cuz he should have told me. I felt kind of used cuz he only sees her if i bring her somewhere or if she comes over and he started doing that stuff in front of me!


He said i was over-reacting and it was ridiculous and i think the girl might agree a bit.


Am I being ridiculous? Am I over-reacting? Please help!!!!!!

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honestly yes i think you are...he seemed to be quite clear in what he wanted from you which was basically to have his cake and eat it too...it looks like he was looking for nothing but a fwb scenario from you and you expected more. I understand where you are coming from and you have a right to be upset but he hasnt really done anything wrong maybe a little douchey but now had he said i love you then did this stuff your actions would have been valid



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Whether or not you've overreacted depends on how you spoke to him really. Certainly his behaviour was not ideal; he should have been honest with you (1) about the reason he didn't want to hook up with you anymore, and (2) about his feelings for your friend, rather than trying to pretend otherwise, and you're within your rights to say that to him, but I wouldn't get too upset about it; these things happen, and there's no real harm done at the end of the day.

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Well you are, a little; Yes.

Look at it this way, at least he told you before he started hooking back up with your gf!

He could of just continued to use you for nothing but sex, leading you to maybe start falling for him for real, while hooking up with ur friend on the side.

Like a lot of guys do.


Instead, He told you he wanted to stop hooking up with you, and now he's moved on to someone new.

The fact that you don't like who he moved onto, and how fast he did it, is understandable.


But at least there not doing it behind your back.

He made a mostly clean break before he started up again with your gf. =]




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