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Should I be disapointed or proud?.

MD Geist

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Ok Iam now offically 22 was of yestarday and things have been going great. I have come from a past where I have struggled quite a bit but managed to over come alot throughout the years.


I left college because I felt very unhappy with where I was going in life now things have changed for the better, I got my life insurance license last year which was very tough to get from licsensing school throughout the state test itself was pretty difficult but I got it. Now iv'e got my sights set on my Series 6 which is very important to me because I know once I get that its only a matter of time before I accomplish what I set out to do and it will set me free no more living at home for me on the side of that of course keep reading those books on self improvment and CD's. I can start my life by myself.


Iv'e also been working on my family life helping out with the bills taking care of my mother with cancer. Its much easyer than I thought it would be.


Iv'e tired to lose weight its been very difficult especially when you the only one with the problem while everybody around you is trying to gain weight but iv'e managed to keep it the same however Id like to become more healthy and fit, heartattacks are very common in my side of the family.


Lets see I have also been joining various clubs and going to events around my city and its been a great experience these last couple of months just hanging out with friends I have found myself to be at the center of attention sometimes


My sprital life is going great in fact without id probably end up in jail or dead.


The only thing I could see where its been a problem is my dating life which I haven't been successfull with the oppsite sex.


Otherwise iam very happy with life and where iam going. The most difficult objection is apon me and that is going to be a very tough journey to get through it but once I get going with it I can't go back.


People often say I have come along way from where I originally started a very long way. Iam getting more positive feedback than I have ever have in my life.


Anyone can offer any feedback? that would be very helpfull.

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You should definitely feel proud, not disappointed. Be patient and the dating part will improve. Right now you are tackling all the other areas and experiencing success, so there's really no reason that you shouldn't be able to conquer that realm of your life also. It sounds like things can only keep getting better, and it's nice that you have people giving positive feedback.

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