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Waiting for my boyfriend in jail he has 10months to go.


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I am writing this on behalf of my mum as she isn't computer savy.


Shes 42 and her to be husband has been in jail now for 1 and a half years and has 10months to go. She has been waiting the hole time for him and I can see it is affecting her really bad. She is looking for people in the same situation as her to talk to. I don't know if this is the right place to ask sorry.


If any of you know any forums for that type of thing or any people with blogs She would be very very thank full.


I have talked to her about it, and she is going to try and start her own blog talking about her problems and stuff that comes with your man been in jail and waiting on the outside.


Any help or advice would be very great.

Thank you

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Hi there,


Relate in the UK did a lot of work on prisoners and maintaining family links - you could try emailing them for advice? I know that there are definitely schemes in the UK about this, but I'm not sure where you are based. I am sure there are support networks that you could find for your mother, but it might take a bit of digging around.

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Im actually in australia. I don't think its like support she wants she just wants to talk to other girls in the same situation as her, waiting for the man to get out of prison. Like to see how they are handling it and stuff.

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