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Ok so a little back story.


I dated this girl when I was a senior in high school. It was amazing. We dated until summer ended when I had to go to school and she had 2 more years left. (Age wise, she's 1 year younger, grade wise, 2 years younger.) Anyways we broke up because I was going to school, but we still cared a lot about each other.


Later that year, I came home to go to Homecoming with her, and we got back together and stayed together until the next summer. I felt distant from her so we broke up again. I know these break-ups make it sound shaky, but we actually worked amazing together, always had fun, never argued. I guess I just was focused more on friends and college the 2nd time around so we broke up. We still talked and stuff. Then I met a girl at school who I dated and ended up * * * * ing me up pretty bad. She was manipulative, controlling, abusive, and i didn't know what to do. I wanted to leave her for so long but couldn't for some reason. She made me do a few of things that hurt my ex, who I cared about a lot, but was not strong enough to stand up to her.


Well, I ended up finally breaking up with her because she hurt me a lot, she then proceeded to post pretty much everything we talked about/did on Facebook, and "set it to private" but my ex ended up seeing it. Her and I were on the verge of getting back together. I went home and saw her the day before i broke up with the controlling one. My ex knew that I was in a relationship, she knew I was unhappy, and she knows that I love her. I love her so much that it hurts. If i've learned anything from this whole situation, it's that I finally learned that I really AM in love with my ex, and she loves me. We were going to get back together, until the psycho posted everything which really hurt my ex.


Her and I still talk a lot, and I know she still cares about me, but I'm so scared that what the crazy girl did hurt her bad enough that she won't want to be with me anymore. I think that the fact that my ex still talks to me is great. I'm so happy when I'm around her. It's just she told me things like "I can't be with you right now", and "I'm sorry if I gave you false hope." She makes sure that I understand that she cares alot about me too.


When we hang out together, it's great, I just act like myself, it's like when we dated minus holding hands and kissing. It's so hard to not do it but I know that it's what she wants.


Please, what can I do to help put things right? I think there might be a chance, but any ideas on what I can do to show her that my feelings for her are REAL and that I care about her so much that I will never do anything to hurt her like this again?

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