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what does maybe mean!!??


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alrighty folks, I'm new to this forum and looking for some help out there for any listeners with good advice on girls. I'm a pretty straight forward kinda guy and like to get straight to the point. so, I've been talking a lot with this girl I sit with on the bus every day since the beginning on the first day of school. recently we've been pretty touchy with each other, and we both danced together (party style) at her sweet 16. so tonight I suggested we should go to the movies and thankfully she replied "surely". after paying for her ticket, I think she felt kinda akward, since she wanted to pay me back. I think that got the message accross to her that it was a date, as well as that I liked her. we both enjoyed the movie, as we laughed a lot and were pretty touchy/flirty. after that we went for ice cream. she refused that I pay for her ice cream, which kinda set me off. still we were flirty and she sat really close to me when it came time to dropping her off, I finally manned up and bold faced asked her if she would go out with me and be my girlfriend. she kinda paused, rolled her eyes and said... johnny johnny johnny, you're a really good friend, it would be too akward. and i was like... ohh come on, we've known each other for quite a long time. I was so embarased. the whole time we were holding hands as this happened. she finally said... alright, maybe. WHAT DO I DO NOW!??? someone please help!!?? I don't know what do to next. my mom says I should let things "cultivate" and let her think about it. has anyone had a situation like this before and can help??? I'm so confused! someone please help meh!!! thanks for reading this whole damn thing. much apreciated

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First thing, never ask a woman to be your girlfriend, especially early on. It sounds forced, formal and creates pressure in her mind. You signal your interest in continuing to date her by just that, continuing to ask her out to do things. This short circuits the usually maddeningly complex female decisionmaking process into a simple "yes" or "no" path that we guys can better deal with. If she likes you, after spending several dates with you, she will show hints or bring it up, then you can discuss things together.


Second, never beg a woman for anything, a date, a kiss, anything else. Show her what you want and wait for a response. Debate over whether to have a relationship will almost always end up counterproductive.


Third, less talk, more action. You can talk it out til you are blue in the face, but it's just talk. Talk should be flirty, funny and light, not heavy about your feelings. SHOW your feelings in your actions, smiling, taking her hand, looking her in the eyes, having fun with her. Involve her in your world, and if there is potential, it will happen, you can't talk into the result you want.


Fourth, know when to move on. If a woman tells you no or maybe, take that and move on to others. You can keep her as a friend if you like, but only if you can truly say you aren't attracted to her. Trying to be friends with someone you have romantic feelings for won't work.


Hope this helps some. Best wishes.

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